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Customs Clearance

We offer simple and straightforward Customs clearance, letting you focus on your business.


Since January 1st 2021, all imports and exports between the UK and Europe now have to pass through customs meaning a Customs Declaration needs to be completed to clear your goods and pay customs duty and VAT (if applicable).

Our helpful and dedicated team are here to help you with your Customs clearance. We will take care of your Customs clearance and goods, so you don’t need to worry and know that you are in safe hands.​


Additionally we have a dedicated customer portal where your Customs Declaration and evidence are stored securely for up to 5 years. 

Letter of Empowerment (UK) & Power of Attorney Letter (EU)

Authorising Adept to act as your direct representative in the completion of customs declarations

UK import procedure: Full declaration or Customs Freight Simplified Procedure (CFSP)

Inform which UK import procedure will be used based on the UK Border Operating Model (BOM). The option needs to be confirmed and initiated prior to the EU export.

EORI Numbers Of Exporter and Importer

The Economic Operators Registration and Identification (EORI) number is a requirement for customs clearance of goods in the UK and the EU.

Commercial Invoice

Stating terms & conditions, value, quantity and description of goods. Customs duties and valued added tax are calculated based on the value of goods and currency.

Export Declaration

If the shipper creates the export declaration independently, you’ll provide the Movement Reference Number (MRN) of the Export Accompanied Document (EAD) – to be inserted in the transport order – and handover the export accompanying document to Adept

Description of Goods

Description of the goods in local language, Gross/Net weight and number/type of packaging.

Customs tariff number (HS Code) of the goods

Harmonised classification code of the goods.


Agreed delivery terms with your business partners, as they define next to the organisation of transportation, who is responsible for organizing customs clearance and associated costs.

Value of Goods

Value of goods and currency to calculate the customs duties and import tax.

Goods complying with preferential origin based on the trade agreements between the UK and the EU, CH and NO

For EU trade: a "Statement on origin" is necessary without any value restrictions indicating the GB EORI number of the exporter. For CH and NO trades: preferential text must be stated on the commercial invoice or a EUR1 movement certificate must be issued..

"We work with you to find the best solution..."

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