Adept Elevator Storage & Distribution are the leading company for any logistics relating to the lift/elevator  industry. We move tons of lift equipment every day, satisfying the lift industry in terms of their international logistics and we have been responsible for arranging and handling the vertical transport elements in many of the UK’s most prestigious buildings.


Our storage facility is purposely designed to facilitate the ease of manoeuvring all shipments for efficient and precise locating of goods.  
We have the ability to handle and store all types of products either palletised or loose and ensuring the safe handling of products for receiving or loading for onward shipment.


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Over 50 Years Experience 

Over 50 years of experience within the lift and elevator industry and also storing and distributing customers goods for over 20 years.

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We respond to all queries within an hour. 

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Our dedicated team are available 24/7  

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Our rates are highly competitive, so you're in complete control over your costs

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